Confirmed Speakers


PhD. María Luz Novis (Spain) 

   - Spanish Association for Psychology Aviation (AEPA)
   - Degree in Psychology, Clinical Specialty.
   - Advanced Studies (DEA) of the Doctorate Program in Learning and Training.
   - Authorized as a Health Psychologist in all the Autonomous Communities of the Spanish State.
   - Expert Degree in Aeronautical Psychology by the Psychologists General Council of  of Spain.
- Thirty-five years of experience in Iberia Airlines in the areas of recruitment, CRM training and Human
   Factors for pilots, cabin crew and flight dispatchers.
- Certified in Aviation Psychology by the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP).
- Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Rovira i Virgil of Catalonia and the National University of
  Distance Education, as well as for various public and private entities.
- Presented different papers internationally, published articles, made research and has contributed to the
  publication of four books on aeronautical psychology and human factors.
- She is founding member of AEPA (Spanish Association  Aviation Psychology) and has been its President
  from November 18, 2005 to February 2012.
- Participated in the crisis intervention program of AEPA with the air navigation provider ENAIRE.
- She has collaborated with the Aviation Accidents Investigation Spanish Commission.

PhD. Michaela Schwarz (Austria)

   - Doctoral degree in organisational psychology and aviation human factors from the University of Graz in Austria.
   - She started her career in 2004 in air traffic controller selection at the European Organisation for the Safety of Air
     Navigation (EUROCONTROL) in Brussels (Belgium).
   - From 2008-2010, she worked as principal human factors advisor for Qantas Airlines in Australia mainly being responsible
     for the safety climate assessment for the Qantas Group, just culture program and human factors training for line aircraft
     maintenance engineers.
   - Since then, she has worked as aviation psychologist for national and international aviation companies including civil
  aviation authorities, commercial airlines, flight schools, military aviation, air navigations services providers, airports and general aviation.
- She is specialised in safety and just culture development, crew/ team resource management training, human reliability / organisational risk
  assessments, human factors investigations, critical incident stress management and fatigue risk management.
- Since September 2018, she is the President of the European Association for Aviation Psychology ( promoting Aviation Psychology
  and Human Factors and influencing associated regulations worldwide.
- She currently holds a senior position as Integrated Management Systems/ Human Factors Expert at the Austrian Air Navigation Service Provider.
- At Austro Control, she is responsible for the integration of human factors in the existing safety, security, quality, occupational health & safety and
  environment management systems.
- She currently works with air traffic controllers, air traffic electronics personnel and meteorologists.
- She also acts as advisor for the Austrian Civil Aviation Authority with regards to psychological assessment of flight crew and is vice-chair of the
  Austrian Aviation Psychology Association (

Psychologist Cristina Albuquerque (Portugal)

   - Representative of the CAP-Pt (Center for Aviation Psychology, Portugal).
   - Clinical Psychologist at CPPAA (Psychiatric and Psychological Clinic Dr. Afonso de Albuquerque), since 1996.
   - Director of Flying Without Fear, since 2011.
   - Member of the Board of the European Association for Aviation Psychology, 2014-2018.
   - Associate Editor of Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors magazine, since 2014.
   - Specialized in Clinical Psychology by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists.
   - Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist, accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the Portuguese Association of Behavioral
     Therapy, 2000.
- Aeronautical Medicine course - FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), 2000.
- Certified in Aviation Psychology by the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) since 2008.
- Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), 2015.
- Trainer and consultant in crisis intervention (air accident) and Emergency Response Planning (ERP), since 2015.
- Extensive experience in psychological assistance to aviation professionals, acquired over more than 25 years as a Clinical Psychologist at UCS -
  Integrated Health Care, a company that provides health services (Curative Medicine, Aeronautical Medicine and Occupational Medicine) to
  professionals in aviation.

Prof. Monica Gomez Caniella (Uruguai)

   - Psychologist.
   - Member of the Spanish Association of Aviation Psychology and the European Association for Aviation Psychology.
   - Specialist in Aeronautical, Clinical, Labor, and Crisis Psychology, Emergency and Disaster.
   - Master in National Strategy.
   - She has worked in the aviation system for 22 years, in 10 countries, in the areas of teaching, intervention and research
     and as an international consultant in the civil and military field.
   - Currently, in her country of residence, she advises Companies and provides psychological advice to aviation personnel
     and individuals, while continuing to collaborate with other countries as an Instructor, Adviser and Lecturer in Congresses
     and working together with colleagues from other companies and nationalities.
- Housewife, mother, mother-in-law and wife of pilots and grandmother of Tommy and Pía.

Psychologist Isabel Kinga Zavory (Argentina)

   - Psychologist.
   - Courses in EMDR (part 1); Airport Emergency First Responder; Instructor / Facilitator in Human Factors and Resource
     Management (CRM); Investigation of Accidents (initial course), by the Accreditation Board of Civil Aviation Acci- sions of
     Argentina; Advanced Course of Specialization in Aeronautical Psychology (AEPA University and Carlos III - Madrid); First
    Course on Emotional Assistance in Emergencies and Di-sasters.
   - Experience (related to aeronautical activity)
   - Facilitator and Instructor in FFHH / CRM / TEM (Aircraft Professional School, IFAC, CEDEBA, ASG, Aerorutas, BASA, Eipa
     "Andres Basich").
- Coordinator and Facilitator of Facilitator Trainer Course at FFHH / CRM / TEM / LOS (2009 to date).
- Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight Attendant (1983 - 2011).
- Coordinator of the Plan of Assistance to Relatives and Survivors of Air Accidents - Aegean Islands Ar-gentinas / Austral (2003 to 2010).
She is currently Inspector of Cabin Technicians (Flight Attendants) - National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC / Argentina).

Prof. Pedro A. Mercier (Chile)

   - Air Traffic Controller of the Aeronautics, Technical School, DGAC-Chile.
   - Degree in Psychology, occupational psychologist, University of the Americas.
   - Specialization in Organizational Psychology, UDLA.
   - Specialization in curriculum management competency model, at "Santo Tomas University".
   - Specialization in Mental Health in emergency situations, Pontifical Catholic University.
   - Master's in Educational Management, UNAB-IEDE "Universidad Europea de Madrid".
   - Experience as occupational psychologist and Air Traffic Control of Aeronautics in Chile and Central America.
- Professor at ICCAE (Instituto Centroamericano de Capacitación Aeronáutica), San Salvador, for the aeronautical supervision course.
- Experience in mental health services for aeronautical staff.
- Technical Director of Alertplus, a company dedicated to the management of fatigue, through the implementation of integral solutions for fatigue at work.
- Technical Advisor and developer of the integrated Tele-Psicosensometry platform of ITMS, Telemedicina de Chile, for the evaluation of drivers in mining sites.
- Member and former president of the SOCHPED Chilean Society of Psychology of Emergencies and Disasters.
- President of the College of Psychologists of Chile (2018-2021).

PhD. Maria da Conceição Correia Pereira (Brazil)

   - Psychologist, PhD in Neurosciences and Behavioral Sciences (UFPE). Master in Institutional Clinical Psychology (UNICAP)
     Postgraduate in Public Health Education (UNAERP-SP).
   - Training in Human Factors and certified as Incident Investigator and Aeronautical Accidents - Psychological Factor, by the
     Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents - CENIPA - Command of Aeronautics.
   - Training in Post-traumatic Care and Emergency and Disaster Crisis Management situations, by the Institute of Aeronautical
     Psychology (IPA), with Agreement with the Four Seasons Institute in São Paulo.
  - Served as Emergency Relief and Civil Defense Manager of Recife - CODECIR and collaborated for the insertion in CODECIR of
    the function of the Psychologist \ o in the Emergency and Disasters team.
  - Retired federal public servant, has been crowded in the last 10 years in the Second Regional Service of Investigation and
  Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (SERIPA 2) - Recife, of the Aeronautical Command. She developed family assistance and psychological
  support in GOL 1907 and NOAR 4896 accidents, among other general and executive aviation accidents in northeastern Brazil.
- Consultant in Human Factors for Complex Systems and Crisis Management of POLICONSULT - POLITECNICA- UPE.
- Lecturer at the University of Nassau of Psychology, Aeronautical Sciences and People Management.
- Member of the Emergency and Disaster WG of the Federal Council of Psychology and Coordinator of the Public Policy Commission of the
  Psychology Council of Pernambuco and Deputy Counselor.
- Member of the Inter-Institutional Committee for Migrants and Refugees in Pernambuco.
- Secretary and founding member of ABRAPAV.
- Several articles published in Scientific Journals and Journals.
- Publications in children's literature and poetry.

Prof. Karynne Cordeiro Bayer (Brazil)

   - Researcher on Quality of Life at Work of Brazilian regular aviation pilots, lecturer and researcher on aeronautical accidents in
     the field of human factors in aviation.
   - Psychologist, Master in Social Psychology, Labor and Organizations, accredited by the Center for Research and Prevention of
     Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA).
   - Head of the Human Factors Advisory Unit of CENIPA from 2015 to 2018, participated in the preparation and review of Final
     Reports issued by CENIPA; trained dozens of psychologists and physicians to conduct research activities and prevention of
     aeronautical occurrences within the scope of Human Factors; and participated in the training of aviators to perform research
     and prevention within SIPAER.
- She accumulates experience in the implementation processes of the Operational Safety Management System (OSMS) and
   staff training in Aviation School.
- Trained in Human Factors and Operational Safety by the University of Southern California, USA; by CENIPA; by the Brazilian Civil Aviation
   Agency (ANAC); and the First Integrated Center for Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (CINDACTA I).
- She also participated in CENIPA's research projects to improve the Human Factors research methodology, update the Corporate Resource
  Management (CRM) program, and raise operational safety levels in FAB's areas.
- Experienced in the area of ​​people management, training, diagnosis of climate and organizational culture, recruitment and selection, and
  psychological assessment.

Prof. Roberta dos Santos Rocha (CAP PM PSI) (Brazil)

   - Graduation: Psychology - UFF - 1995.
   - Post-Graduation Lato Sensu: Specialization Course Psychological Theories and Practices in Public Institutions -
     Transdisciplinary Clinic - UFF - 1997.
   - Post-graduation Strictu Sensu: Master in Clinical Psychology - PUC - RJ (March 1999).
   - Probationary Training Course for Officers of the PMERJ Health Framework (Jan 2002).
   - Course for the Improvement of Health Officers of the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro (April-December 2018).
   - Psychologist from the Aeromóvel Group of the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro - GAM - PMERJ (2006 - 2014 \
     2016 to date).
   - II Extension Course in Applied Psychology to Aviation - IPA - AERONAUTICAL COMMAND - RJ (Jul 2006).
- XIV Course of Prevention in Aeronautical Accidents - Human Factor - CENIPA - AERONAUTICAL COMMAND - MINISTRY
  OF DEFENSE - BR (Sep 2006).
- XIV Advanced Management Stage in the Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents. CENIPA - AERONAUTICAL STATE -
- Aviation Psychology Course for Officers (1st place) - PAVO - BRAZILIAN NAVY (Aug 2008 to Dec 2008).
- Participation in the team of Psychologists of the Special Operations Command of the PMERJ in support of occurrences with hostages and
  negotiation (2016 - to date).
- Instructor of Psychology at the Aviation School of GAM - PMERJ (since Aug 2006).

Psychologist Claudia F. Daemon de Oliveira (Brazil)

   - Graduation in Psychology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
   - Post-Graduate in Ergonomics and Usability by PUC-RJ.
   - Extension course in Psychology Applied to Aviation, by the Institute of Psychology of Aeronautics (IPA).
   - Accredited Element in Human Factors by CENIPA.
   - Investigator of aeronautical accidents, in the area of Human Factors, Psychological Aspect by CENIPA.
   - Accredited Inspector of Operational Safety in the Air Navigation Services of SISCEAB, by ASOCEA.
- Coordinator of the working group for the implementation of human fatigue risk management in SISCEAB.
- Researcher in Human Factors Research in ATC organs, by ASEGCEA.
- Specialist in Human Factors in the Risk Management teams, in the SRPV-SP area.
- Coordinator of the implementation of the Psychological Aspects Investigation in Air Traffic Incidents, at SISCEAB.
- Coordinator of the WG of elaboration of the standards of Human Factors of the SISCEAB, in the ASEGCEA.
- Coordinator and instructor of the "Course of Human Factors, Psychological Aspect in Airspace Control".
- Senior Lecturer in Human Factors in the Management of Operational Safety at ATC, in the Training Course for Air Traffic Control Special Officers (CFOE-CTA), as of 2012, and in the Course on "Operational Safety Management Systems at SISCEAB "by DECEA;
- Worked in the Air Traffic Management Division (D-ATM) and the Airspace Control Security Advisory (ASEGCEA), at DECEA.
- She has been working in the area of Human Factors and Operational Safety at SISCEAB for 19 years and currently works at the São Paulo Air Space Control and Accident Prevention and Incident Prevention Section (SIPACEA-SP) at SRPV-SP.

Psychologist Mauro Matias (Brazil)

   - He is flight attendant;
   - Psychologist with specialization in Human Resources (UFF);
   - Corporate Education (Senac);
   - Multidisciplinary training in Sleep Medicine (AFIP – Sleep Institute);
   - Extension in Abuse of alcohol and drugs (UNIFESP / SUPERA);
   - Post-graduate studies in Neuropsychology (A. Einstein).
- Director of Health at the National Union of Aeronauts (SNA) (from 2013 to 2018);
- Responsible for the implementation of the service of psychological support and clinical nutrition in the SNA.
- Researcher in Aeronautical Health, author of the first health mapping of the Brazilian aeronauts; on the issue of quality of life, suffering and precarious work in the profession of flight attendant.
- Flight Attendants Director at Association of Aeronauts of GOL Airlines (ASAGOL)
- Lecturer in higher education institutions on the subject of alcohol and drugs in aviation, sleep and operational safety in aviation.
- "Galley chatter" idealizer along with Psi. Andréia Graciano, series of programs sponsored by ASAGOL on the subject relational pregnant, babies, mothers and fathers aeronauts.

Psychologist Camila Machado (Brazil)

   - Graduated in Psychology from UFRJ;

   - Specialist in Child and Youth Psychotherapy by Fiocruz and Specialist in training in Psychological Assessment by the Graduate Institute (IPOG).
   - She has worked as a Psychologist at the Aeronautical Aerospace Medicine Center (CEMAL).
   - Currently, she works as a psychologist at the Institute of Aeronautical Psychology (IPA), where she has been developing a Suicide
     - Prevention Program.
   - In addition, she works in a private practice in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Psychologist Bianca Rovella (Brazil)

   - Graduated in Psychology from PUC SP.
   - Improvement in Hospital Psychology by HC / FMUSP.
   - Specialist in Family Health and Mental Health by FM ABC.
   - Training in Therapeutic Accompaniment by the Humanitas Project.
   - Training and International Certification in Coaching by the Institute of High Human Performance.
   - Training in Management by Competencies by Rabaglio Empresarial.
   - Extension in Recruitment and Selection Based on Competences by PUC SP.
- Military Training Course for Support Officers by the Aeronautical Training and Adaptation Center.
- Course of Aviation Psychology by the Institute of Aeronautical Psychology.
- Currently Head of the Division of Applied Operational Psychology of the Institute of Aeronautical Psychology.

Porfª Natalia Azevedo da Silva Von Poser - Capitão de Corveta (T) (Brazil)

   - Graduated in Psychology- UFRJ (1996)
   - Master in Neuropsychology - Université Claude Bernard Lyon (1998)
   - Aviation Psychologist CESP-PAVO- CIAAN (2006)
   - Accredited Element Human Factor EC-FHP- CENIPA (2008)
   - Postgraduate in Safety and Continuous Airworthiness - ITA (2010)
   - MBA in Human Development of Managers - FGV (2018)

- Naval College - CN (2001-2004)
- Naval Academy - EN (2004-2006)
- 1st Squadron of Intercept and Attack Aircraft - EsqdVF-1 (2006-2007)
- Staff Selection Service of the Navy - SSPM (2008-2009)
- Aeronautical Directorate of Navy - Head of the Human Factor Division since February 2010

Psychologist Angelica Simone Escabora (Brazil)

   - Coordinator of the Human Factors Team of the Flight Security Management of LATAM Brasil.
   - Clinical Psychologist from São Judas Tadeu University.
   - Specialist in Human Factor from the University of Southern California.
   - Psychologist of Sleep by the Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Sleep Science.
   - Psychologist of Sleep certified by the Brazilian Association of Psychology and Brazilian Sleep Association.
   - Psychologist Associated with the Brazilian Sleep Association.